our work


Amal Learning provides free online one-to-one language classes and conversation opportunities to refugees and displaced people.

They face a lack of opportunities when they are forced to flee their places of origin. Speaking a new language becomes vital.  The lack of language ability in the new place (or English as lingua franca) means that the chances of finding a good job, continuing to study and having a decent life, are dramatically reduced. Learning a new language empowers refugees, helping them gain control over their lives. This way they can communicate, connect with others and raise their voices. Their teachers become windows of hope who symbolise the start of a new life and provide priceless emotional support.

For teachers who want to help out refugees, it is often too difficult and dangerous to go to conflict zones. This online community allows them to reach out, connect and give support from their own homes.

Our goal is to bring together teachers and displaced people in a supportive environment  to present new opportunities to those whose lives have been disrupted.