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Our work brings positive change.

Language skill empowers refugees and displaced people, while classes transcend cultural barriers and foster understanding among different cultures.

Where we Are

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Hours of learning

What Our Teachers and Students Say

I am a Syrian refugee living in Papua New Guinea. I’m really grateful to Amal Learning for giving me the chance of learning English. I feel happy when I study.

Obeida Aloroj


Volunteering with Amal Learning has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my life. My student and I connected very soon, passing over any cultural difference and making the distance shorter. The classes don’t feel like that anymore, they feel like a relaxing talk between friends. Thank you so much for letting me be part of this, that is changing and improving the interaction and understanding among cultures.

Graciana Moreno


It feels great to use my skills to help someone who is so appreciative of the one hour I give. It’s also good to learn more about their journey, and not from the media!

Hanna Mold


“Volunteering with Amal Learning has been a wonderful experience which has given me a greater insight and understanding of the challenges faced by refugees as well as a unique opportunity to discover Syrian culture. I have been teaching English to a fantastic student who I would not have got to know otherwise. Discovering foreign cultures gives us a more open view to the world and consequently makes us better citizens. I would like to plea to anyone who has the relevant skills to get involved

Estelle Morali-Silver


It’s been an amazing experience. I’ve met new people and come to realise the refugee problem. I was shocked with the harsh life conditions, but I was more surprised with my student’s determination to studying.  You feel helpful in many ways.

Vasia Zigouri


I am a Syrian refugee living in Lebanon. I really thank you for giving me this opportunity to learn English. It will help me improve my level before I settle in Canada.

Nagham Al Jamali


Amal Learning has done and continues to do an amazing work. They are genuinely changing people’s lives. I’m honored to be involved and I hope I can continue to work with them into the future and I can see the project going from strength to strength.

Fiona Locke


Since our first lesson, Altair and I naturally connected through small things. Once a week, I spend one hour teaching him English. This hour, for me, is the most rewarding and engaging time of the week. Teaching English to a refugee is a very special experience because you see how vital this skill is for the student, and how seriously they take their classes. We have learnt from each other and Altair has inspired me to continue working with refugees and inspire other people to do so.

Maria Iotova


What are the highlights of volunteering?

“The bond I have with my student”
Vasia Zigouri – Teacher
“Teaching someone who is so excited for each lesson”
Hanna Mold – Teacher
“Exploring a new culture”
Kaoutar Bel Haj Haddou -Teacher
“My student and I had many memorable moments, especially when he proved to be really motivated to use learning English as therapy to cope with the difficult situation he is in. When I saw he would spare no effort in trying to attend our classes – he looked for wi-fi spots, borrowed a laptop, kept trying every day, asked for homework and did it, and so on. Or when I told my student I was nervous about a new job and he was the one trying to motivate me and boost my confidence.”
Alexandra M. Butnaru – Teacher

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