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Our Purpose

Amal Learning provides high-quality online language classes over Skype and other video-calling platforms to refugees and people affected by conflict or fleeing persecution, helping them rebuild their lives.

Why the name

AMAL Learning?

Amal is the Arabic word for hope and we believe that the learning journey spreads hope both ways.

Our students gain confidence through language skills and start getting to know the western societies. Our teachers learn about their cultures. It’s a two-way exchange. The classes create a butterfly effect of understanding, tolerance and hope.

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Our Impact


Hours of learning

Experiences of Our Teachers and Students

Before the war, learning English was a hobby but now it has become one of the most important skills that I need to focus on. I’ve been granted asylum in Canada so my future depends on my English level. Attending English lessons with Amal Learning has been one of the greatest things that have happened to me, not only for the language learning: my teacher Dalila has been incredibly supportive.  Thank you Amal Learning for making it possible.

Hussein Kattan


“Volunteering with Amal Learning has been one of my best professional decisions. Simply interacting with another human being who has not had the sheer luck of living in a peaceful country is a pretty powerful experience. What might seem an extra hour of work per week, can mean hope, moral support, and much needed communication with a fellow human for the interlocutor. A small step for a teacher is sometimes a giant leap for a displaced person.”

Alexandra M. Butnaru


I can honestly say that being involved in Amal Learning work has been one of the highlights both in my year and certainly in my career as a teacher. I highly recommend volunteering as you get so much more from the experience than you put in. I learnt about how resilient Syrian people are and gained an insight into some of the challenges faced by them. I saw my student grow in confidence and optimism with each class

Aideen Flood


I’m really grateful to Amal Learning. The English classes are really good and my teacher Alexandra is so supportive, she always helps me when I have a bad week



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